The True All-rounder of Crypto Payment - Cryptomus

Welcome our new friend - Cryptomus! In this article, we will present interviews, news and other content created with Cryptomus. Let's dive in!

1. What is Cryptomus, and how has it been created? 


To put it simply, Cryptomus is a crypto payment solution. We offer not only a payment gateway but also a bunch of helpful crypto tools, such as our own Blockchain Explorer, crypto wallets, P2P Exchange, and many more.


We've decided to make the project with such comprehensive functionality because, as crypto owners ourselves, we know there is always a need to jump from one platform to another in order to accept payments and manage received funds. 


Cryptomus solves this problem by packing everything necessary in one platform. This way, the platform is perfect for any business. 


2. Compared with other similar products, what are the advantages of Cryptomus?


Cryptomus is a true all-rounder! Accept, store, convert, send, or withdraw funds – everything is available on Cryptomus, so no more hassle.


3. What conveniences can Cryptomus provide users?


As we already said, anything you need to manage your business comfortably – we have it all! If not, we are on our way to launch it.


4. Crypto services are considered to be ones with high risks. How has Cryptomus built trust with its users? 


We take full responsibility for our users and their funds by storing their private keys and being ready to compensate at any moment if something goes wrong.


Also, our protection system is very sophisticated. Whitelists, 2FA, PIN code – try it yourself!


5. Any achievements for the Cryptomus team so far and plans for the near future?


There are a lot of achievements, actually! But the most important for us is definitely the launch of the P2P Exchange, staking, spot trading, and lots of other significant features. 


What about our plans? You better stay tuned and follow our Telegram channel to know what comes next!