The Best Practices of Facebook Account Transactions

Based on the most recent information from Meta, the parent company of Facebook, the global user base of Facebook has reached 3.05 billion as of the third quarter of 2023. And the number of active users is close to 3 billion.

Over recent years, Facebook's user count has shown consistent growth. With its position as the foremost platform in social media marketing, Facebook undeniably offers immense opportunities for business expansion and growth. Facebook is no longer a simple social tool for people. It has also become one of the important ways to attract fans, acquire customers, publish advertisements, etc.

Whether they are employees of advertising agencies, e-commerce sellers, or other groups in need, a single Facebook account obviously cannot meet their needs. Compared with the time-consuming and laborious process of creating accounts in batches, many people choose to meet their needs for multiple accounts by purchasing accounts.

However, during the account transaction process, a situation may occur. The account is obviously running well with the seller, but when you log in after receiving the account, you find that the account has been banned.

What causes these problems? What's a good solution? In this article, we will talk about these two questions.

What causes Facebook account bans?
The answer is Facebook's risk control rules and detection mechanism. There is no doubt that Facebook's advertising effect is good, and it is also the preferred platform for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. However, as more and more people join, Facebook's risk control rules are becoming more and more strict. If you are not careful, you will Facing the risk of account closure.

What are Facebook's risk control rules?
Facebook Community Standards & User Regulations Rules
These rules include not posting malicious content, not using false identities, not harassing other users, and more. If users violate these rules, their accounts may be banned. However, as long as we abide by these rules and operate the account for a period of time to increase the weight of the account, these problems can be easily avoided.

Digital Fingerprint Isolation + IP Isolation
Facebook does not allow a user to have multiple accounts, so they try to detect correlations between accounts. The two most important ones are environmental (digital fingerprint) detection and IP detection. 
Therefore, you need to ensure that the environment and IP of each of your accounts are not marked as risky by Facebook, and these environments and IPs need to be completely independent and stable. 

How can we ensure that the account environment and IP are safe and completely independent?
The answer is anti-detect browser. Although, this purpose can be achieved by using traditional isolation methods (like VPS or multiple network cable). However, compared to anti-detect browsers, these methods are more expensive, have higher technical requirements, and are less flexible. 

Of course, even for anti-detect browsers, most products on the market have higher basic package fees and usage restrictions, which is still a considerable expense. Therefore, as a permanently free fingerprint browser, ixBrowser is your best choice. It not only can generate a completely independent and real fingerprint environment for each of your accounts, but also equipped with a cost-effective proxies so that you can use it directly bind with the profile after purchase, thereby achieving the dual isolation effect of fingerprints and IPs.

Profile Transfer Function in ixBrowser
ixBrowser does seem to be effective in preventing account association, but as mentioned above, if the user purchases the account from a seller, how to ensure that the purchased account will not be banned due to changes in environment and IP?

Don't worry, in the latest version of ixBrowser V1.7.28, we have updated the window transfer function. The birth of this function makes ixBrowser the best tool for account buying and selling transactions.

Sellers can use ixBrowser to create independent profiles for each account and configure an independent IPs. After a buyer purchases an account, the seller can transfer the Facebook account to the buyer's ixBrowser account through profile transfer function. At the same time, based on user needs, sellers can also transfer the bound IPs in the profile. Because account information, fingerprint configuration, cookie information, proxy configuration are all transferred together and remain unchanged during the transfer process, account bans caused by changes in the fingerprint environment and IP can be minimized.

If you want to get the idea about how to use this function, please check our video:

The window transfer function can not only be used to transfer Facebook accounts, but is also suitable for account transfers on other platforms. If you want to know more about ixBrowser, you can contact our customer service: