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Websites constantly monitor user activity and ban users for violating the rules. To bypass geographical restrictions and simultaneously work with several accounts, various anonymization tools are used, the main ones of which are anti-detect browsers and proxies. They work differently, but they have a common task — masking your identity on the Internet. The anti-detect browser changes the digital fingerprint of the device, and the proxy changes the IP address. To achieve maximum confidentiality and reduce the risk of being banned for multiple accounts to zero, it is better to use an anti-detect browser and a proxy together. That is, always additionally connect a proxy.


In this article we will tell you about a proven service where you can rent high-quality proxies — Let's look at the features, advantages and describe how to set up a proxy in ixBrowser.

What is

A proxy acts as an intermediary between the user and the Internet. Its main task is to replace the IP address and geolocation. is a proxy rental service that has been operating since 2016. The service focuses on quality, so it only rents high-speed, anonymous and secure proxy servers. Proxies from reliably mask the IP address and protect personal data from leakage. They are suitable for professional and personal tasks:

  • multi-account;

  • launching automation programs - for parsing, promotion on social networks;

  • anonymous web surfing;

  • bypass geographical restrictions of sites;

  • protection against cyber threats. offers 88 countries to choose from and all types of proxies: mobile, residential, server, IPv4, IPv6. All proxies connect via HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS network protocols.

Advantages of ranks third in Google search results — the service has earned the trust of hundreds of users. It is chosen for a number of advantages:

  • a wide variety of geolocations - 88 countries;

  • convenient payment methods;

  • anonymous and secure proxies;

  • average speed 7 Mbit/s;

  • 24/7 technical support;

  • flexible tariffs for clients with different budgets;

  • refund for non-working proxies;

  • favorable terms of the affiliate program.


The service has a simple and intuitive interface - even a beginner can understand the functionality. It's easy to place an order. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the home page.

  2. Click the “Buy proxy” button.

  3. Fill in the parameters of the proxy server you need: type, country, period, quantity.

  4. Enter your email address and select a payment method.

  5. Enter a promotional code, if available, and accept the terms of use by clicking the checkbox.

  6. Pay.


After payment, the proxy data will immediately appear in the buyer’s personal account, since the service’s operation is automated.

Proxy servers from are used by both ordinary users and professionals: SEO specialists, marketers, entrepreneurs, gamers, arbitrators, crypto traders.

How to set up a proxy in ixBrowser

To connect a proxy to the ixBrowser browser, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Create Profile” button. Provide profile information by filling out the required fields: platform, group, username..

  2. Open the “Proxy Configuration” tab. Select the “Custom” - “Proxy Detection” method and specify the proxy server information: Host, port, account, password.

  3. Click the “Create” button.


The setup is complete. Now you can use a proxy in your browser and not be afraid of a ban. is a service for renting anonymous, secure and high-speed proxies. With proxies from, you don’t have to worry about leaking personal data and getting banned - proxies reliably encrypt data and mask the IP address. There is a special offer for you — a 10% discount using the ixBrowser-10 promotional code for purchasing a proxy.