September 26 2023

How to add & use ABCProxy in ixBrowser
 has global 190 locations compliant real residential IP address resources, support socks5/http(s), cheapest $0.7/GB, $0.04/IP, city-level targeting, 99.99% success rate, secure access to localized content and stable data crawling, preferred proxy solution for social media accounts.

Step 1: Logging into the ABCProxy Dashboard, add your local IP to the whitelist.

Step 2: Select the corresponding Residential Proxy balance,
enter the country/state/city where you want to get the IP address and click Search,
set the number of IPs to be extracted by the API and select the corresponding country/region.
Set the http/https/socks5 protocol to generate a link and copy the IP.

Step 3:
Download and install
. Click "Profile List" > Select and click "Create Profile".
Step 4: Select the platform you want, enter the name, in the "Proxy Settings" page,
Select "Socks5" for Proxy Type, and enter the proxy IP and port content.
Step 5: Check whether the proxy IP is normal or not, the proxy setting is finished!
September 26 2023

How to add PYProxy in ixBrowser

1.First, go to

2.Go to User List, click Add User, and enter user's information;

3.Go to Get Proxy > User & Pass Auth, enter the required information in Proxy Generator, and get your proxy information;

4.Download, register, and login

5.Click Create Profile, select Platform and Group, and enter Profile Title;

6.In Proxy Configuation page, select Proxy Method to Custom, choose Proxy Type to Socks5, and paste the proxy information we got in step 3;

7.Detect the proxy, after it passes the detection, click create button to finish profile creation, and the proxy is good to use.

September 14 2023

How to add IPFLY proxy in ixBrowser

Step 1: visit the IPFLY official website, register and login to your account, click “get proxy > User & Pass Auth” in left left menu bar

Step 2: set proxy parameters and automatically generate proxy information [address:port], [proxy username], [password]

Step 3: download, register, and login ixBrowser

Step 4: click “Create Profile,” choose platform, group, and enter profile title on the pop-up page

Step 5: in Proxy Configuration page, select proxy method (Custom), and proxy type, enter proxy information copied from step 2

Step 6: after the proxy detection passes, click “Create” button below to complete the profile creation operation, and the profile can be opened and use in the Profile List page
September 14 2023

Integrating ixBrowser with Bright Data Proxies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover how to seamlessly set up and integrate ixBrowser with Bright Data's powerful proxies. ixBrowser stands as a dependable, permanent, and free anti-detect browser, designed to empower users with the ability to craft numerous distinct fingerprint profiles and even collaborate with team members. With its exceptional fingerprint technology, ixBrowser boasts an impressive success rate on third-party fingerprint detection platforms, effectively alleviating users' worries about potential account associations.

Setting Up Bright Data Proxies with ixBrowser:

Step 1: Registration with Bright Data

  • Sign up on the Bright Data platform and verify your email address.

  • Create a designated Zone for your proxy usage.

  • Choose the Datacenter Network and specify the Zone's name.

  • Select IP type as Shared (Pay per IP) and pick your desired Country & City.

  • Determine the number of IPs needed, corresponding to your accounts.

  • Confirm your plan and costs, then click "Add."


Step 2: Access Proxy Details

  • Click on the Zone name, locate the "Access Parameters" tab. Note down the proxy credentials: host, port, username, and password.


Step 3: ixBrowser Setup

  • Download ixBrowser (available for Windows only).

  • Register and log in to your ixBrowser account.

  • Click the "+ Create Profile" button.

  • Select the platform, group, and profile title and click the “Next Step” button.


Step 4: Proxy Configuration and Integration

  • In the proxy configuration tab, set the proxy method to "custom" and choose the proxy type as "HTTP."

  • Retrieve proxy details from the Bright Data access parameters.

  • Set the server to "" and the port to "22225."

  • Enter your Bright Data username and password, then click "Create."


Step 5: Use the Integrated Proxy

  • Click "Open" to use the configured proxy.

  • ixBrowser will open with your preferred settings and the integrated proxy.


Step 6: Proxy Confirmation

Confirm the Bright Data proxy usage by checking the Event Log 

section in your Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure dashboard.

In Conclusion: By following these numbered sub-steps, you can seamlessly integrate ixBrowser with Bright Data's robust proxy system. This integration equips you with advanced fingerprint technology and reliable proxies, enabling secure online activities and data scraping.

August 31 2023

How to add NetNut proxy in ixBrowser

Step 1:Download, install and register ixBrowser
ixBrowser official websit:

Step 2:click “Create Profile” button in Profile List

Step 3:choose platform and group, fill in the profile's information

Step 4:go to Proxy Configuration page, since NetNut supports HTTP/HTTP/SOCKS5 protocols, you can fill in the corresponding configuration information as needed

Step 5:when the detection is passed, click “Create” button below to complete the proxy settings and profile creation operations